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    Welcome to MOONRIVER by VJ at the heart of BANGKOK's world renowned bespoke tailoring and custom tailoring of hand-made clothes for discerning individuals (Men and Women).

     We have been established since 1981, Serving the Local's and Bangkok's Expat community for their Bespoke attire.

     We have a large selection of Fabrics and Styles to select from, suitable for all budgets.

     Last but not the least,what distinguishes us from our competitors, is that we have our own IN-HOUSE workshop,enabling us to better quality control.

     Centrally Located on thire new location at the corner of Soi 20/1 right on Sukhumvit road.
    Call us on +662 258 2733 or +66840172017

  • Frequently asked questions about moonriver by vj



    Our Road Shows gives you an opportunity to feel the fabric texture and see the true colours, as well as getting measured by our master tailor and guided through the bespoke process. Our Master consultant and designer Mr VJ will do his best to accommodate all your requests. We like to make our fine print as transparent as possible and ensure that you have a great experience at our Road Show. 

    Please read the below and understand that our team at Moonriver by VJ, will always try to have all our clients 100% satisfied.

    Waiting time- Our turnaround time for Road Show orders is typically 8-12 weeks from when you place your order. We also provide an expedited service of 4-6 weeks with a small remuneration for our tailors. Since we work with imported fabrics and the full process is Hand-cut and guided, Delays are sometimes possible. We like you to understand that it is in our best interest to finish the garment ASAP and ship it out to you. In the unlikely case of delays your patience is highly appreciated.

    Shipping and Courier - We always ship through reputable couriers like UPS, fed-ex or DHL. They Guarantee our shipping. It usually takes a week to arrive at the destination. No package has ever been lost. In the very unlikely event of any item being damaged due to the shipping, we will take responsibility of the damage to the clothes.  There might be delays due to an act of god or difficulty in comprehending wrong address,Change of address, or the receiver not being available when the package arrives, or if the package has been returned to us for any reason. In such cases we will do our best to co-ordinate with the courier company and the client.. In case of such delays we and the client will just need to be patient.

    We provide a door to door service. These do not have any duty for you. All our prices are inclusive of this service once for every order. In the unlikely event of you having to pay any duty, we will give you a credit voucher for it to be used in the future.

    Adjustments and alterations policy - We are glad to report a 97 % success rate for the garments our team hand crafts for you. Our team works really hard to take this to a 100% success rate, but there are always possibilities of adjustments required when a client receives the Hand crafted garments. These are usually small adjustments that can be easily adjusted. Since we work on extremely reasonable prices, we do not account for additional adjustment costs. We advise clients to factor in approximately 10% of the costs for such minor adjustments. In case the client feels uncomfortable to adjust the garments by their local tailor than they are welcome to ship the garments back to us and we will adjust the garments and ship it back to you free of cost. (shipping back to us will however be at the clients expense).

    In the rare event that you feel you need any adjustments to your garments please get in touch with us ASAP. We will analyse the issue and do our best to provide the quickest and most effective solution. Here is how the process works.

    1. Inform us about the Issues, Send us pictures of you wearing the garments specifying the issues you are having.

    2. On analysing we can determine the extent of adjustment required and co-ordinate with you to determine the best solution.

    3. In case you need to ship the garments back to us for adjustments, we will provide you instructions vis email correspondence.

    The Ordered pieces are Hand cut to unique sizes and specifications, We are unable to offer refunds. We will however do everything possible and work with you to make the garments to your specifications. In extreme cases we will give you a credit to use for the future for expenses incurred by our clients. Moonriver by VJ cannot be responsible for indirect losses of any kind.

    Signature difference - All your orders are hand guided and hand sewn, it is but natural that there will be very slight differences between garments made at the same time or at different times. We call it Signature difference. (you can't get the same sighnature every time you sigh your name). We do leave allowances on all our garments and make sure that the difference is insignificant (less than a quarter inch)

    Client makes an error - We understand that we are all humans and we all make mistakes. If you like to change your orders for colors, styles, or patterns, please get in touch with us ASAP, we will do everything possible to change your orders. We however are unable to guarantee the changes as we start cutting the fabrics and making the patterns as soon as the orders are placed.

    Please also make sure you specify the Jacket lengths and the details of your orders, these are not possible to adjust easily. The client needs to take responsibility of his or her decision regarding fabric colour choice and the length of the jacket. Please make sure that the numbers the tailors write at the time of the orders are the same as what you decide.  


  • Pricing

    Prices include all fabric,Tailoring and world wide shipping

    SUITS - 

    Classic Collection           290-370

    Silver Collection            370-480

    Gold Collection              490-680

    Platinum Collection        700-890 ( VITALE BARBARIS CANANICO , REDA)

    Ermenegildo Zegna       1495.00  


    SHIRTS  (Set of 5)

    Platinum LOT                 550.00

    LOT A                            460.00

    LOT B                            390.00

    LOT C                            330.00

    LOT D                            290.00

    Additional charges apply for 

    Functional Button holes on Jacket cuffs + 30

    Double Ticket pocket + 10

    Special fancy Lining + 30

    Hand Stitch lapels(pick stitch) + 30

    Coloured button holes + 3 per button hole.

    Real Horse hair canvas + 40

    Real Horn buttons (Full set) + 30

    Brass buttons for Blazer (full Set) + 30

    Horse hair Full Floating canvas + 150

    *All Prices are subject to change,due to Currency exchange rate fluctuations.

    *Larger sizes require extra fabric and are subject to 10% surcharge.

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