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    Describe this measurement to show on the front end.
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    Measure the length of your trouser starting from your waist , all the way to your feet.
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    Describe this measurement to show on the front end.

  • About Measurements

    Our Measurement Form (beta)

    This is a comprehensive measurement form that will be used for all items including suits, shirts, trousers and others. Hence kindly submit this form as completed as possible so that future orders do not require additional measurements. Specific details or instructions and sizes out of the ordinary can be indicated in the special request box at the end of this form.

    Please make every effort to measure exactly and please keep style selection in mind when submitting measurements.

    Please use the Icons indicated herein to recognize which of the following measurements are an absolute requirement for each type of garment. Not submitting one or more of these required measurements may result in an inaccurate fit. Please take all efforts to be as precise as possible but do not measure three dimensional measurements too snugly.

    Open the Measurement form for MEN

    View the measurement guide for

    View the measurement guide for WOMEN

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