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    2020 : 28 Jan - 14 Feb

    London-England28 Jan - 31 Jan
    Munich-Germany31 Jan - 01 Feb
    Vienna-Austria02 Feb - 03 Feb
    Stockholm-Sweden04 Feb - 05 Feb
    Helsinki-Finland05 Feb - 06 Feb
    Riga-Latvia07 Feb - 09 Feb
    Zurich09 Feb - 10 Feb
    Frankfurt-Germany11 Feb - 12 Feb

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    2020 : 20 Feb - 26 Feb

    Shanghai18 Aug - 19 Aug
    Beijing19 Aug - 20 Aug
    Guangzhou20 Aug - 21 Aug


    2019 : 01 Mar - 31 Mar

    Louisville- KY01 Sep - 02 Sep
    Chicago -IL03 Sep - 05 Sep
    Boston-MA05 Sep - 06 Sep
    New York- Brooklyn07 Sep - 08 Sep
    New York -Times Sq 09 Sep - 10 Sep
    Philadelphia-PA11 Sep - 11 Sep
    Baltimore-MD12 Sep - 12 Sep
    Washington -DC (Downtown)13 Sep - 14 Sep
    Washington Tysons corner-VA15 Sep - 16 Sep
    Atlanta -GA17 Sep - 17 Sep
    Birmingham -AL18 Sep - 19 Sep
    Memphis -TN20 Sep - 21 Sep
    Dallas-TX21 Sep - 22 Sep
    Austin-TX22 Sep - 23 Sep
    San Francisco -CA23 Sep - 24 Sep
    Los Angeles -CA24 Sep - 25 Sep

    If you do not see your favourite city then please send us a message and we will try our best to include it on our next road show.


    Australia : 12 Apr - 18 Apr

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  • Recent Reviews...

    Recent reviews posted by our own clients...

    Raymond A Lauk says...

    This was my third visit to Bangkok, and I decided to take the plunge and buy my first custom made suit and shirt ever! After stopping into several tailors near my hotel, I found MoonRiver. I was instantly impressed by VJ and his staff. I wasn't pressured into buying more than I wanted, but rather offered a variety of very reasonable options. VJ understood my needs as a professional speaker, and he helped me select a color and style that matched my needs. I wore my suit for a presentation this past Monday and literally felt like a million bucks! People took note of my suit, and I received many compliments on it. I will be back next summer to buy more suits and shirts! Thank you VJ!

    Posted on 19/07/2018

    Shinnthant says...

    It's a pleasure to have clothes fit you like they should. Good communication and finished quicker than I thought at a reasonable price. After I got a perfect suit VJ offer me to choose a free tie from their exclusive selection. I will definitely go back there for more suit .

    Posted on 25/11/2017

    Jeroen Lems says...

    Dutch: Tijdens een vakantie in Thailand bij Moonriver een pak laten maken, mooie stoffen, mooi pak geworden, zeker aan te raden. Ze weten waar ze het over hebben en zijn niet te beroerd om een paar minuten langer door te gaan voor je! English: During a vacation in Thailand, we walked by at Moonriver to order a suit. They have lots of choice in fabric, and the suit looks nice! They are friendly and know what they are doing. And if you are not 100% satisfied with your suit they change it for you.

    Posted on 19/10/2014

    Willie Wells says...

    This was my first time using VJ's services and I'm so pleased with the quality of work. His professional display is over and above the norm. I will be changing my loyalty to VJ.

    Posted on 26/06/2014

    Dan Schneider says...

    fantastic service and quality. I highly recommend.

    Posted on 02/02/2014

    matthew says...

    One of the best tailors I have come accross. I have used Moonriver over the past 3 years and never had any issues with my clothes.

    Posted on 15/01/2014


    This was my third time to get Moon River clothing, 2 blazers and 3 shirts for me, and 3 shirts for my partner back home (they keep measurements on file). VJ was on his US tour, so his wife Prianka worked with me, who is likewise amiable, helpful, and skilled.

    Posted on 01/11/2013


    We happen to walk past many tailor shops while on our way to Times Square but a dress on the mannequin in the dress window of Moon River caught our eye. So we stepped in and met VJ. To be honest VJ never tried to sell us anything, but he still willingly answered all our questions on the dress we...

    Posted on 01/11/2013


    Great quality clothing. VJ(s) taylor's perform great quality, at a very good price point. I had many clothes made by other Taylor's and Bangkok. VJ does the best work of anyone I've had work done by for the best price. I highly recommend the VJ and will only use him in the future. Don't waste your time or money going...

    Posted on 01/11/2013

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